Helyco, the ORIGINAL flying toy. Children but also adults will love it

Simple and powerful

Its manipulation is very simple, you propel it by with a sling, it reaches then a height ofmore than 20 meters andeven more than 30 for the champions.
At the end of its ascent, the case crushes making counterweight it toggles 180 ° and the particular folds of its wings prints a very fast rotation.
Under the influence of the centrifugal force wings deviate and so increase its portance.
It gets down again then slowly the led illuminating the fluorescent part of its wings. You can take place under your Helyco to try to catch it in the hand but also to play with the strength and the wind direction so that this one returns it towards you.

Helyco is manufacturer (patented) / importer / distributor

patent n° 09.53809

N° SIRET 324 546 621  00073

Does not fit under 3 years old or 6 years old for some countries (USA,
Australia, etc …)
This product is up to the CE and USA standards
Ready to use
Included and replaceable baterries
Case of arrangement closed by a press-stud
Instructions for use with drawings for international understanding
Launching rubber band 17 cm

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